Everything You Need To Know

What better place than Dubai when it comes to leasing or renting a space to stay – whether it be for work, for pleasure, or for adventure. Dubai is a bustling metropolis located right in the heart of the middle east, the United Arab Emirates. The good thing about renting in Dubai is that the process is quite similar to renting anywhere else in the world. Typically, it’s a seamless process that results in you finding a place to live after just a few days of searching!

So, if you’re interested in leasing in Dubai, take a look at our guide below.

Set A Budget

Understanding where you want to be and how much you’re willing to spend is going to be the most important factor when leasing in Dubai. Remember, Dubai is an expensive city, and it might be hard to balance your budget with the thought of living right in downtown where all the action is. Creating a budget means keeping in mind more than just your monthly rent – it means thinking about expenses too, like food, utilities, internet, and transportation to and from work. We always recommend setting a budget, and then exploring the beautiful city and its various communities to determine which ones align closely to what you’re really looking for.

Find A Property, Then View It In Person

Once you’ve set your budget, you’ll be able to really take a deep dive into the many different neighborhoods and districts where you can soon call home in the city of Dubai. Begin your rental search and once you’ve found a property that you like, it might be a good idea to contact a real estate agency to help you set up a viewing. Viewing a property is one of the most enjoyable aspects of leasing in Dubai. It’s fun, and it’s informative too. When it’s time to actually view a property that you’ve found on the internet, don’t fall for the beautiful pictures. Instead, schedule a visit with an agent. You’ll be able to see what the neighborhood actually looks like in person, you’ll get a feel for the rental itself, and you can ask questions that might aid you in your search. Even if this particular property doesn’t turn out to be the right one, it’ll still give you some valuable experience in terms of knowing what to look for the next time you view a property.

Get Your Documentation In Order

Renting in Dubai is fairly straightforward, but you will certainly require some documentation. Typically, you’ll need a copy of your passport, your residence visa, your Emirates ID, and a few checks – one made out for your security deposit, and another for the agency.

Register Your Contract

From there, you’ll need to register your leasing contract with Ejari. In this case, you’ll need the original signed contract, a receipt of security payment, a copy of the Title Deed from your landlord, along with a copy of your passport, residence visa, and Emirates ID. In addition to that, you’ll need a copy of your landlord’s passport as well, and your 9-digit DEWA Premises Number. It’s quite a bit of documentation, but this is all designed to protect you, the tenant! From there, you’re all set to schedule your move-in day and begin to enjoy everything that living in Dubai really has to offer.

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